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-A Novel-

by: Delta Tango

illustrations by: Steven Godfrey


The DNC offices housed in the Watergate Hotel in Washington DC were burglarized by 5 men under the direction and control of Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy, members of the Special Investigations Unit, or "Plumbers", of the Nixon White House. The plan was proposed by Jeb Magruder, (CRP acting chief), John Mitchell (Attorney General), and John Dean (White House Counsel), but was modified and approved by John Mitchell to tap the phones of DNC officials to gather dirt on the Democrats. Knowledge of the event was initially denied by President Nixon. However, tapes of recorded presidential conversations ultimately proved he had approved the project and cash for the project was traced to Nixon's re-election fund, possibly originating from the wealthy industrialist Howard Hughes. John Ehrlichman ordered the Plumbers documents from Hunt's safe destroyed, accomplished by Dean and the Acting Director of the FBI, Patrick Grey. Ultimately President Nixon was impeached by the House of Representatives. Forty-tight co-conspirators were also indicted, and many served prison terms. Nixon resigned the presidency.

There is mystery and speculation about the real reason for the Watergate break-in. As a Cuban double agent and member of the Plumbers team that entered the DNC offices many times, I know the true story. Disruption of the military power of the US, at the very least, and at worst possible destruction of the human race were avoided. But this story begins with Fidel Castro in Cuba, and with a family visiting Washington DC for the first time.


When Rebecca Lovejoy, age twelve, visits the capital with her family and experiences the loss of her parents, hospitalized due to medical emergencies, she guides her brother and sister through seven chaotic days of American history. Struggling to find their parents, who both are hospitalized and placed on ventilators, the children encounter me during my espionage activity. Together we uncover a Code of salvation transcending current healthcare and partisan political warfare. What could be easier?

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